Latest Highlights In the store

There is a lot of great stuff jammed into the shelves here, so it’s hard to pick out highlights! However there are certain things you definitely wouldn’t want to miss when you come in. Here are just a few things we would consider highlights that we have right now on 7/8/21! Starting off, we haveContinue reading “Latest Highlights In the store”

A special thanks to our customers

We appreciate every one of you! As a small business, customer service and bringing value to you is our top priority! We are so thankful for every one of you who walks through our doors. Even to those of you who don’t necessarily shop in our store, but are active followers on social platforms… ThankContinue reading “A special thanks to our customers”

Outdoor Patio furniture – April 8th, 2021

This stuff is selling fast!!! We just got it out onto the floor, and it is being snatched up… Better hurry in! Our new patio furniture is very high quality, top of the line furniture! From wicker chairs, lounge chairs, tables, and even umbrellas! Our chairs range from $50 for standard wicker, all the wayContinue reading “Outdoor Patio furniture – April 8th, 2021”

costco general load – april 8th th, 2021

Today we got an awesome general load from costco, for even cheaper prices than costco believe it or not!! You won’t believe everything we just got from Costco! Our prices are so good, you won’t be able to help yourself from filling a cart! I’ve only got pictures of a few things, because you’ll justContinue reading “costco general load – april 8th th, 2021”