Mystery Sale + Hot Cocoa & Doughnuts!!!

We are excited to announce a customer appreciation sale day, that we are hosting on December 17th!!! Everyone is welcome, and there will be free hot chocolate and doughnuts for all customers! We will be having a STOREWIDE sale, that will be a certain % off…. This will be announced the day of the event!!Continue reading “Mystery Sale + Hot Cocoa & Doughnuts!!!”

The Greatest Liquidation Store In Northern Michigan! Proud To Be In Cadillac!

We take pride in running the greatest liquidation store in Northern Michigan, and we are so glad to be in the wonderful city of Cadillac! Seeing the community’s support has been amazing! There are so many, friendly, regular faces we see coming into our store every single day! It has been a blast, to sayContinue reading “The Greatest Liquidation Store In Northern Michigan! Proud To Be In Cadillac!”

Do Discount/Liquidation Stores Have Cheap Quality Products?

Discount/Liquidation stores usually get their inventory from big-box stores who may have dented or torn the box… With that being said, the items found in a discount store may very well be name brand and high quality! On some occasions, certain stores may purchase cheaply made goods… However the best discount stores have high qualityContinue reading “Do Discount/Liquidation Stores Have Cheap Quality Products?”

What Does Scratch & Dent Really Mean?

When you see that something is being sold as “Scratch & Dent“… Do You ever wonder what Scratch & Dent really means? Hopefully this will shed a little light on that question, & help you understand what the term “scratch & dent” really means! Scratch & Dent is a term that refers to an item,Continue reading “What Does Scratch & Dent Really Mean?”

Halloween Is Right Around The Corner – Discount Candy

With Halloween creeping up on us… We have a huge candy selection ready to be picked through!! Nobody needs to spend full price on their Halloween candy, we have it at HALF the price! Before going to Walmart and stocking up, come into our store and you’ll be shocked with everything that we have! ThereContinue reading “Halloween Is Right Around The Corner – Discount Candy”

We Got More Air Compressors!!

We have such a variety here, trying to make sure we have something for everyone! One of our most popular discounted products in the tool/equipment category are air compressors! You may have come in on a day when we didn’t have any in stock… We have a great selection of air compressors now! We recentlyContinue reading “We Got More Air Compressors!!”

We Updated Our Building’s Paint Job! More To Come…

We know that our store is inside of a very old building! We love the history, the retro aspect, and the design… However we also know that it’s good to be new and up to-date with style! That is why we decided to paint the outside of our building a nice gray color. You mayContinue reading “We Updated Our Building’s Paint Job! More To Come…”