About Us

Est. dec, 2020.

We are an overstock/liquidation store! Our store has everything from lipstick, to an industrial drill press! You just never know what you’ll find!

We decided on opening the Cadillac Marketplace when Covid-19 caused our previous business to slow down to nearly a halt! We needed to give something else a try!

We got our first truckload in, and turned into a tool and equipment store… Our next truck turned us into a discount grocery store… Then we got a load with small appliances, bedding, toys, paper products, and even pet products! We are now a general merchandise store that we set out to be!

We have a little bit of everything, and most importantly we strive to have the best customer service you have ever experienced! We will go out of our way to help you find what you need, and solve the problem at hand!

In the other half of our building, you will find Magnolia Boutique! Full with the latest trends, clothing, jewelry, and gifts!

We appreciate your business very much, every one of you makes it possible for us to keep our doors open to the awesome city of Cadillac!

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