Do Discount/Liquidation Stores Have Cheap Quality Products?

Discount/Liquidation stores usually get their inventory from big-box stores who may have dented or torn the box… With that being said, the items found in a discount store may very well be name brand and high quality! On some occasions, certain stores may purchase cheaply made goods… However the best discount stores have high quality items at a lower than usual price!

Our store the, “Cadillac Marketplace“, falls into the later category… We get high end products, such as name brand tools (Milwaukee, Ryobi), name brand electronics (apple, Samsung, Sony), and much much more! Our items typically just have a box that was dented or torn slightly, while sometimes nothing is flawed at all, and it looks brand new! We know that you would rather have high quality at a discount, rather than cheap quality at a cheaper-full price.

It is simply a myth that when you walk into a discount store, all you will find are cheaply made products. This absolutely depends on the store you are walking into… Our store in Cadillac Michigan, takes quality control very seriously and we make sure you get the best of the best products!

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