What Does Scratch & Dent Really Mean?

When you see that something is being sold as “Scratch & Dent“… Do You ever wonder what Scratch & Dent really means? Hopefully this will shed a little light on that question, & help you understand what the term “scratch & dent” really means!

Scratch & Dent is a term that refers to an item, big or small, that is typically new or very lightly used. The honest definition means that the product is in working order, however it has some marks on it that may have been caused by falling on the ground or being handled to aggressively! The most common case of this is when the product itself is perfectly fine, however the box that it resides in is torn, dented, or crushed!

When a large store, like Walmart or Costco, has a box fall off of a forklift or a tall shelf, and get dented… They do NOT put it back up for sale! Instead, even though the product itself is perfectly fine inside the box, they may throw it away or even put in into a compactor!! This is such a huge waste, it is filling the earth with trash so fast, and that’s where we come in!

Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

Our store specializes in trying to stop big-box stores from wasting so much good product! It’s not easy, but we do manage to purchase scratch & dent products from large stores. They get pretty greedy when in reality they could just be giving it away instead of dumping it, they charge a heck of a lot to sell their “garbage”!

Every Now and then, the scratch & dent items are actually broken or do not function correctly… Because of this, we go through every individual box and test everything before selling it in our store! This takes a lot of hard work, and time, but is well worth it when we can sell practically brand new items to you all for 20-50% OFF!

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