We Got More Air Compressors!!

We have such a variety here, trying to make sure we have something for everyone! One of our most popular discounted products in the tool/equipment category are air compressors! You may have come in on a day when we didn’t have any in stock…

We have a great selection of air compressors now! We recently got a great load with several on it, large and small! We are proving these very aggressively, so we KNOW that we have the best prices you’re able to find!

Come in and shop around, take advantage of the amazing prices! Before you go somewhere like Home Depot, or Walmart, remember that we will most likely have what you’re looking for… At a much better price!!

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2 thoughts on “We Got More Air Compressors!!

  1. I really wish your prices were more competitive like with Merchandise Outlet. I think you would clear out a lot more clutter and then you could rotate more stock, they also have 20 percent off store wide at least once a month. I think you would get a lot more traffic in your store. The Market Place is a Good concept, but people are hoping for rock bottom prices otherwise they
    will just go to Target and Costco and get what they really want and need


    1. Thank you for your feedback:)!! We are making changes, lowering prices, and clearing out a lot more merchandise! Also, we are starting to have bigger sales… Such as December 17th, you won’t want to miss that!


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