New product this week!

We have been getting lots of new product into the store! I will share some here on our website, however to really find the deals you will have to come in! Please be aware that whatever is posted on this site, may be already sold in our store at the time you are reading.

Our $1.00 clothing has been selling like CRAZY! These aren’t used/worn clothes… These are brand new pieces, with tags! There is a mix of all sizes and styles. There is bound to be something you love, for ONLY $1.00!!

Come on in and browse the racks, and dig through the bins… You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll have a lot of fun!

Summer isn’t over, and with that being said… Check out these awesome outdoor chairs! They are swivel chairs, with a nice thick cushion, covered in an elegant dark blue fabric. These will be half the regular retail price, it is a crazy deal!

Feel free to come take a seat, test them out! You’ll fall in love I’m sure of it. For price and availability please come stop in our store!

So we covered a bit of our outdoor summer furniture, but what about indoor furniture? We have that too, look at this awesome couch… This is brand new, covered in a soft leather, and foot rests electronically controlled with buttons on both sides! The tops also recline, making this couch so incredibly comfortable! You even get a couple USB charging ports on the sides for easy phone charging.

We can’t forget about some of the most sought after items we can get in… Grills! We have a couple new grills in at the moment, both of which are in perfect condition, ready to cook!

This Masterbuilt is an all in one grill, you can smoke, grill, bake, sear, crisp, warm, BBQ, roast, or braise with this beast! It is HUGE, and you won’t ever want to use another grill after trying this out for the first time.

Our other grill that we currently have is a little less “do-it-all” kind of style like our last one. However it come in a beautiful stainless steel finish, and many other goodies to make it worthwhile! It comes with two wings, one of which has a burner for a side stove!

You won’t regret bringing this home for yourself, you will love it!

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