Latest Highlights In the store

There is a lot of great stuff jammed into the shelves here, so it’s hard to pick out highlights! However there are certain things you definitely wouldn’t want to miss when you come in. Here are just a few things we would consider highlights that we have right now on 7/8/21!

Starting off, we have a bin full of clothes… It may not look like much, but the price point is what the real highlight is! These are brand new clothing pieces, when new would cost anywhere from $5 to $40. We have them for pretty much 90% off of what they are regularly… So you better come take a look!

Do you have a dog? If so, you’re in luck! We were lucky enough to get our hands on brand new dog beds. These aren’t any old dog beds either, they are very nice quality beds from Costco! If your dog is still sleeping on the floor, or some blankets, or maybe even a dog bed that might be getting a bit worn… Come take a look at these, you won’t be disappointed!

This one is a no brainer… A brand new massage chair! This thing has real leather, and Bluetooth speakers built into the sides of the chair. This is a full blown professional massage chair, and you can have it in your own house… We have it at half of regular retail price, and no it isn’t necessarily cheap, but it is WELL WORTH IT!

If you are interested, feel free to ask for a test massage. You’ll love it!

Last but not least by any means, we have tons of outdoor string lights! Our last load of these sold very quick… I just got this load in this morning, hence why they are still on the pallet!

These are 48ft stands, some are solar and some are a direct plug-in. Very pretty for decks, porches, pergolas, driveways, game rooms, around the pool, etc.!

Thanks so much for keeping up on our store and our adventure! We look forward to seeing you in here getting some great deals.

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