A Kid’s Paradise

In the past couple of weeks, we have gotten a lot of toys… Big and small! We now have a collection that is any child’s dream to have!

This KidCraft playhouse is made of real wood, and has real metal door hinges with a working doorbell! Even the mailbox is functional!

On the other side which you can’t see well, it is opened with a large window for maybe your kids to sell lemonade out of. There are chalk board on both sides of the window for some creative art, or lemonade prices!

This Little Tikes picnic table is perfect for the kids! Especially if you decide to take the playhouse home… It would be a perfect set! The umbrella is actually nice quality, and will provide plenty of shade for the kids to sit out in the yard.

Your children or grandchildren would absolutely love their own table when you have lunch, it is so special to them!

Here is something small, and simple to throw into the yard for some extra fun! It doesn’t take much to entertain the little ones… This little slide will keep them laughing and smiling for hours!

I don’t think this will last for long at all, it is only $20 in our store… But come in and see if we still have it, it’s worth a shot!

Remember these when you were little? Trampoline’s are a BLAST! This one in particular is made to be very safe, so you won’t have to worry about anyone falling into springs.

The kids will love this, and bounce all day long! It is brand new but half the normal price, again this probably won’t last long at all!

Last but not least… We have what is arguably the most dreamt about yard toy for any child, and if you’re like me that may have never changed.

This is a great quality bounce house, and is large! Your kids or grandkids would be so spoiled in this thing… It is so much fun, and should last a long time if taken cared of properly!

Please keep in mind, at the time you are reading this, these all may be sold already… Come in and see what we have currently, we might even have something better!

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