What’s been going on lately?

If it seems like we have been missing in action on the website… It is as it seems! We have been so busy at the store with changes and new product coming in, I simply have not worked on the website nearly enough. Luckily, I am here now and I’ll update you on what’s been happening!

What has changed?

Since the website has been updated last, lots of things have changed. One of the most significant and worth mentioning changes is that we have bins once again!

Where our groceries used to lay on shelves, we now have 6 new and improved bins! Unlike our last bins, these have a variety of prices, ranging from $0.25 to $5.00. We have had some pretty awesome stuff end up in the $5 bin… Huge discounts are very possible!

With the addition of our 6 bins to the mix, we unfortunately needed to minimize our grocery section. We turned our “hole in the wall” room into a food room, and we also have two more shelves of food that are not pictured.

We are strictly getting our grocery product from Costco now, so to all of you Costco shoppers, we have even lower prices! It is great because Costco already has reasonable prices, so after we discount them further… It is a steal!

What kind of stuff have we gotten in?

We have been getting truckload after truckload into our store lately… So to sum it up, we have been getting basically everything! Baby product, tools, decorations, appliances, toys, furniture, electronics… You name it!

I will include just a few pictures of some product we have gotten. However to really see what we have, you’ll have to come in and check it all out! It’s so hard to show pictures of what we have, because our inventory changes every day!

What to expect

We will continue to get new product and inventory all the time. As we try to get things that we have never yet gotten! We will always try our hardest to keep our prices well below retail price, we want to bring you the best deals possible.

We will hopefully be getting more tools in soon, along with maybe some fireproof safes! We have lots of more baby supplies in the back room still that has yet to be brought out. We also have lots of awesome kids toys, we will be steadily bringing that out onto the shelf as needed.

Please check in with us at the store often to get the best deals, the good stuff doesn’t last long! We appreciate every one of you, thanks for everything!

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