Our current Highlights

Awesome new stuff comes in all the time, here are just a few highlights!

One of our most significant highlights is the $0.25 food bin! This is full with nice food, it isn’t just a bunch of stale bad food… It’s some great food, and you can fill up a whole box for cheaper than a fast food run!

This awesome tikibar was hiding in our last load… It is such a cool piece, definitely makes our highlight list! It is good quality, and would make an awesome add-on to anyone’s pool setup!

This is one of the coolest things we’ve come upon in our store. A gun safe, grandfather’s clock!!! It doesn’t quite have the functionality as a real grandfather clock, as it is ran by batteries. However you can fit several firearms inside, and even lock it!

You may have seen rugs in our store before, but we found a lot more!! We’ve got some beautiful rugs, big and small, indoor and outdoor. I even bought one for myself, these are nice quality!

This awesome futon just came in… It is fully black leather, and has never been used. When this is laid out flat, the ends even tip up slightly for when you lay lengthwise! There are even electrical outlets and USB plug in’s built into the side. This is a beautiful piece of furniture!

Last but not least, we have our garage racking! This is heavy duty racking, and will expand your storage space a TON! We rigged ours up in the store with some chain, because we don’t have a proper ceiling to use. These are great and affordable! Tell us the website sent you, and get yours for just $110!

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