Our most recent changes

Things change a lot here…

If you have been a regular customer with us since we opened, you know we have already had so many changes! For the most part they have been good changes, thankfully!

As we continue to grow, and manage The Cadillac Marketplace, we learn many things along the way. Changes occur on a weekly basis here, as we learn from mistakes or hear feedback from you!

most recent or near future changes

You may have come into our store before and dug through our “Bins”… Recently we have run low on bin items, at the same time we got a large load of rugs in. We decided to say goodbye to the bins, as we laid out our awesome rugs over top of the 4 bins we had in our store.

In the near future, big changes are happening in the food department. We have decided to minimize our food department to only one or two rows of food. Our food will all be in date, and high quality items! Don’t worry, the prices will still be at a phenomenal discount!

Another near future change we are quite sure of implementing, with the extra space acquired from removing food… Bringing back a bin section! These won’t exactly be like our old bins though. We hope to have bins with higher end items thrown in the mix, maybe there will be a nice coffee maker, a fan, or even a Bluetooth speaker… These are examples of items we are going to try our hardest to get into a bin section. No word on an exact time frame of this becoming a reality, we are just hoping SOON!

Many more changes to come, and we are always open to suggestions!

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